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Our Mindset

People, Planet, Profits

At Lifecycle Sherlock, we believe that sustainability is the right thing to do for the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profits.

Utilizing a company's limited resources in harmony with a "sustainable environment" objective, effectively allows both to be strong and vibrant for all stakeholders over the long term. We also believe that nothing is more important than our faith, family, and friends. Lifecycle Sherlock is committed to providing our advisory services and resources to assist faith-based organizations to promote sustainability best practices wherever and whenever possible, and to be a good steward of the community.


Tim A.C. Reichert

Chief Executive Officer

A respected executive with a distinguished career that spans more than 30 years in the fields of energy conservation services, technology development/implementation, and business development. Tim has extensive experience in energy, commercial real estate services, engineering-based cost segregation, property evaluations, and leading high-performance sales/marketing organizations.

Tim currently serves as the Founder & CEO of Lifecycle Sherlock.

Dear Visitors and Clients,

Lifecycle Sherlock is, above all else, dedicated to uncovering and addressing the issues that concern you most in facility operation cost containment, energy-efficiency, cyber risk, and Responsible Recycling. We aspire to have a life-long, mutually successful relationship with you and your management team, and will not rest until our commitments are complete and to your satisfaction. 


Tim A.C. Reichert, CEO

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