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Discover & Identify

  • Assets: Audit, Tag, Track, and Manage the Inventory and Maintenance of entire buildings without limit to how many or location to control costs and assess risks and resource needs
  • Identify: Audit for optimized performance, energy efficiency, cyber risk on Operations technology, and the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for Net Zero sustainability programs
  • Review & audit of Facility maintenance program to reduce risk of equipment failure & ensure maximum useful life at optimal performance
  • Staff Augmentation: Project, Technical, and Engineering staff augmentation available
  • A Lifecycle Sherlock annual inventory audit is good practice for managing your operational costs, managing cyber risk (more on that in EXTEND & PROTECT), and for controlling your insurance costs.

Extend and Protect

  • How are key infrastructure assets are performing including building, IT, OT assets?
  • Does your company have a solid maintenance, warranty, and data analysis program in place to reduce risk of equipment failure?
  • Are you aware that HVAC and chiller systems are the biggest user of energy, and that Lifecycle can permanently reduce that consumption a minimum of 20%
  • Did you know that electronics to run your equipment contain chips that store important data of which your company faces a cyber risk unknown to most IT people and presenting legal and financial liabilities?

“End of Life as a Service” Programs​